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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rapid Response To Zambia, Africa

Josh and Paul are completing their second week of a four week Rapid Response trip to Zambia, Africa to assist Christian Missions in Many Lands (CMML) with an engine exchange on their Cessna 207.

Josh actually overhauled the engine in 2009 and shipped it over to CMML just for this occassion. CMML knew their current engine would soon need overhaul and, to keep the aircraft's down time to a minimum, asked MMS to prepare its replacement engine well ahead of time so it would be on hand when needed. (If you click here and then advance through the newer blog posts you'll be able to follow the progress of the engine overhaul in 2009.)

And then, when it was time for replacement, Josh and Paul were invited over to do the installation.

The old engine is removed from the 207.

Paul installs accessories on the MMS-overhauled engine.

The new engine rests in the engine compartment.

Please pray for Josh and Paul as they complete their work in Zambia and for the families they've left behind for this month of overseas service.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tennsmith Slip Roll

MMS was recently blessed by the delivery of a Tennsmith slip roll. Already having several Tennsmith sheet meal tools in our hangar, we're familiar with their high-quality workmanship. We are very thankful to Tennsmith for their help in making it possible to add this slip roll to our shop.

The slip roll enables us to shape sheet metal to precise curves in less time and with less effort than before thereby conserving material and manpower. This will help us decrease the downtime of aircraft while increasing the fabrication services we're able to provide mission aviation.

Dave unloads the slip roll stand.

The slip roll.

Dave completes initial assembly. Notice the Tennsmith shear and hand brake in the background!

Thanks, Tennsmith!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Restoration and Repair

At the moment, we're enjoying sunshine, blue sky, warmer temps, our new roof, and our new hangar door. In fact, it almost finally feels and looks like spring. Not bad for the middle of May!

Here's a high angle view of the new door and and roof.

It's quite the door, isn't it?

Yet with the change in weather, our long-term projects continue to be long-term. Intricate, time consuming repairs need to be made and it takes great patience and attention to the smallest detail.

Jim builds a communication harness for the Brigade 172 wire by single wire.

Mark solders a single wire in preparation for making a repair to an engine sending unit for Wings With The Word's Cessna 402.

Andy S. installs, twists, and tightens one nut and one bolt at a time in hard to reach places and tight spaces as part of the intensive restoration of the Air Calvary 207.

Patience and perseverance are critical components of a mechanic's skill set. It almost never fails that when we rush a repair, we create the necessity for a larger repair. It sometimes takes a year or longer, and thousands of man-hours, to fully restore and repair an airplane.

It's like that in relationships too. Healing and restoration take time. Shattered hearts and broken lives aren't "fixed" with a quick patch and a piece of tape. God is in the business of restoring people to right relationship with Him, of creating wholeness from brokenness, and providing hope where no hope can otherwise be found. It can take a lifetime to restore a soul and required the life of His son, Jesus, to open restoration's door.

At MMS we're in the business of restoring the airplanes that carry God's people to share God's hope with those most desperately in need of what only God can deliver. Thanks for your prayers and gifts which enable us to do so.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011