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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Good Job, Dale: The Aztec Returns to Service

Dale did a great job as Project Administrator of managing people, parts, and resources to complete the Aztec annual inspection on time for delivery and return to service. This maintenance event very much represented a real "dispatch ready" maintenance situation in a field environment and, as such, provided great experience for our apprentice mechanics both in the in "primary" and "production" phases of training. If you haven't seen any of the video clips, check out the previous three posts.

No video today, just stills.

Paul G. works on the right main landing gear, Scott makes a repair to the engine baffling, and Jim makes a repair to the cabin door.

Dale checks propeller control response.

Mark & Andy prepare to install the left engine cowling.

Dale & the missionary pilot taxi the aircraft in preparation for return to service.

Thank you for your gifts and prayers which make it possible for us to provide these critically needed maintenance services to mission aviation organizations around the world. Whether they have one airplane or fifty, MMS is committed to keeping their aircraft airworthy and ready to safely transport passengers and cargo into remote and difficult-to-reach locations.

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