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Monday, January 31, 2011

The Calm Before The Storm

The National Weather Service has upgraded the regional "alert" from a Winter Storm Watch to a Winter Storm Warning. Right now the sky is blue, it's very pretty outside, and it's a cool 29 degrees. That's supposed to dramatically change later tonight and through Wednesday.

While the approaching storm works its way across the plains and into the Chicago area, we have plenty of work to keep our mind occupied. Here are some fresh snapshots from the hangar.

The engine has arrived for the Alaskan Navajo project.

Chuck fits interior trim pieces for the crew door he's installing.

Paul G. and Jim work on the Skipper's engine installation.

Paul J. and Andy S. prepare to run-up the Aztec prior to oil change and the start of the airplane's annual inspection.

Thanks for your continued interest and involvement as we prepare people and planes for worldwide mission service!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Asas 206 Engine Run & Taxi Test

Here's the video of yesterday's engine run and taxi test of the Asas amphibious 206. Everything went very well with only a couple small squawks discovered. Ian and Paul have the airplane back in the hangar and are prepping for the next engine runs.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Asas 206: Inital Engine Run & Taxi Test

Ian and Paul J. conducted the initial engine run and taxi test of the Brazilian 206 this afternoon. The contrast between the weather in Brazil and the weather here in Coshocton, OH couldn't be more dramatic. The airplane will ultimately operate off the Amazon River and carry missionaries safely over dense, tropical jungle. Well, today we're not experiencing "tropical" unless you consider snow and temps in the mid-twenties to be "tropical." Most of us here, this time of the year, would rather be in Brazil for the warmer temperatures if nothing else.

The engine started right up on the first attempt after only a few revolutions and the airplane handled well during the slow taxi-test. Lord willing, I'll have some video up tomorrow afternoon. But until then here are four stills:

Dave helps Ian pull the 206 out of the hangar.

The "non-tropical" setting today.

Ian at the controls with the engine performing perfectly. The white flecks are snow flakes.

On the taxiway.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday Snapshots

Ian and Paul J. are up in Kidron, Ohio this week assisting with the restoration and repair of a DC-3 for service with MFI down in Florida. No pictures from Kidron, but I did catch a few snapshots of some of the in-hangar work we have going on today:

Bob instructs Andy on basic electrical circuits as part of Basic Training.

Josh test fits an aluminum piece fabricated as part of a repair on the Navajo.

Chuck continues with the Navajo crew door installation.

Paul G. and Jim move ahead with repairs on the Brigade 172.

Weather-wise it's cold and cloudy with light snow flurries today. Seems we're in another cooling trend headed toward single digit temps overnight by Friday. Thanks for praying for us as we prepare people and planes for worldwide mission service.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday Hangar Snapshots

John Pfeifer arrived this morning. He brought his Aztec in for its annual inspection.

The Brazilian 206 is ready for engine runs next week.

Jim supervises as Paul G. repairs the 172's horizontal stabilizer.

Josh continues his work inside the Navajo.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Plowing Our Way into January 2011

We're in the thick of winter here in Coshocton, Ohio. The cold weather started early and, with the exception of New Year's Day (60 degrees!), temps have pretty much stayed frigid since before Thanksgiving. It was a long "winter" even before winter officially started.

And with winter comes snow. And with snow comes snow plowing. At MMS, it's critical to keep taxiways and ramp areas clear so aircraft can be moved between hangars and other airplanes can taxi up to our facility should they need maintenance. It's also important for the parking lot and entrance area to be cleared facilitating our staff's arrival to start the work day.

Dave Shelly is our Facilities Manager and it's his responsibility to make sure everything's plowed. And after it's snowed all day and all night, like it has the past 24 hours, the plowing needs to start rather early.