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Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Asas 206 Takes Off!

We're in an exciting time at MMS with three major projects all coming to completion within weeks of each other. The wings are going on the Gabon 207 so it can be ready to fly in October, the landing gear repairs are being completed on Wings With The Word's Cessna 402 so it can fly next month as well, and the amphibious Cessna 206 for use in Brazil by Asas de Socorro, is now flying!

It's fun to see the airplanes fly!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pushing The 402 Toward Completion

Mike's team of mechanics is pushing hard to have Wings With the Word's Cessna 402 project completed by the end of October.

Note added 2/22/11: The orange vests that Mike, Andy, and Mark are wearing while rigging the landing gear let everyone else in the hangar know that they are not to be talked to, disturbed, interrupted, or otherwise distracted while performing their tasks. The orange vests create a situation where the respective maintenance crew can be completely focused on the job at hand. We call it "Going Orange". Each crew that "goes orange" designates a contact person, not involved in the task, through whom all communication can be directed.

The orange vests can also be used in administrative applications.

We've found the simple system to work rather well.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Snapshot Session

Things remain busy in our three hangars with painting completed on the Gabon 207, structural repairs continuing on the Cessna 402, scheduled maintenance being conducted on GCI's King Air, and quick in-and-out repairs on the Pfiefer's Aztec and GCI's Cessna 310.

Jim continues to build the nav/com stack for the Cessna 402.

GCI's King Air is in for scheduled maintenance.

Bob conducts maintenance on the King Air's right engine.

Andy performs maintenance on the King Air's left engine.

After troubleshooting some "squawks," GCI's Cessna 310 returns to service.

Terry makes repairs to Pfeifer Evangelical Association's Aztec.

The Pfeifer's Aztec returns to service.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Rigging The Landing Gear of GCI's Cessna 310

Here's a video clip of our staff and apprentice mechanics working together to rig the landing gear of GCI's Cessna 310 during it's annual inspection.