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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cessna 402 Spar Cap Project: Part 5

The Cessna 402 spar cap project is moving ahead. Here's a clip of the Andy and Jim putting the finishing touches on the right spar strap install while Mike sorts, tags, and bundles new wiring that replaces the old wiring in the left wing. New wire has already been pulled in the right wing as well.

In other hangar news the Cessna 337 is very nearly completed and should be flight-ready later this afternoon. We expect the LAMP missionary pilot to arrive today or tomorrow to conduct the test flights.

Thanks for your prayers and gifts which make this ministry possible.

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Arctic Barnabas Navajo Arrives from Alaska

Here's a snapshot of the Arctic Barnabas Piper Navajo as it pulled onto our ramp this afternoon.

Arctic Barnabas Piper Navajo

Arctic Barnabas flew their Navajo down from Alaska so we could replace the windows and windscreen, replace the belly skins, remove an engine and ship it out for overhaul, remove its flaps and elevators so a specialty shop can repair them, repair the engine cowling, install a new crew door, and conduct an annual inspection. We've committed to have all this completed and the airplane back in service in three months, by the end of January 2011.

Ian checks some details on GCI's King Air.

Late last week, GCI flew their King Air down for a wash. Here's Ian checking some details before washing the airplane. The airplane in the foreground is Pfeifer Evangelical Association's Piper Aztec which was in for an oil change and to have an instrument replaced.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Additional Cessna 337 Video

As we close out the week, I thought you might enjoy another video. I shot these clips prior to the last video posted of the Cessna 337's engine runs and taxi test, but never had the chance to go back and edit these clips until today. So, even though the airplane is going to be test flown next week, here's an earlier record of Scott and Paul installing the rear engine. I did add in some of the test run footage at the end.

Right now the guys are "swarming" the 337 while Scott finalizes the mountain of paperwork that accompanies every aircraft project. Ian, Andy, Josh, and Jim are down there on the hangar floor adjusting seats, closing the instrument panel, installing the carpet, tucking the headliner, placing the side panels in place, and making final systems adjustments. It's great to see this project finishing so well. Lord willing, I'll have some test flight footage for you in the near future!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Video: 402 Spar Cap Installation Part 4

Here's the latest in the ongoing "spar cap" video series featuring the work being done on Wings With the Word's Cessna 402.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Current Hangar Activity

Wings With The Word's spar strap installation is in the home stretch. Once this strap is fully secured, the next steps will be to finish updating the wing wiring and re-install the engines.

Jim and Andy work on the right wing spar strap while Mike pulls wires through the left wing root.

Gospel Carrier International's King Air was in for a phase inspection. The inspection is complete and the airplane returned to mission service yesterday afternoon.

Ian inspects the King Air's right engine.

The Cessna 337 project continues toward completion. Paul J. and Scott are taking care of the final systems squawks before replacing the airplane's interior prior to its scheduled test flight next week.

Scott and Paul with the 337.

Pfeifer Evangelical Association flew their Aztec in for an oil change this morning. While the airplane was here it was decided to keep it for an additional repair. Lord willing the airplane will be back in service this Friday.

John Pfeifer talks with Terry about aircraft repairs.

You can see we're enjoying some very nice fall weather right now. Thanks for you prayers and gifts that enable MMS to serve the broader mission aviation community around the world.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

King Air Phase Inspection, Part 1

Gospel Carrier International's King Air 200 is back in our hangar for a "phase inspection." A phase inspection is performing an annual inspection in "phases" over an extended period of time. Phase inspections are an efficient way to maximize the airplane's availability through less down-time while meeting all the safety and maintenance criteria in an ongoing manner.

Performing these inspections for GCI (and other mission operators) provides our apprentice mechanics with unsurpassed experience working on high-technology airplanes, under real production pressures, in positions demanding a high level of personal responsibility.

When our mechanics finish their thirty months of apprenticeship they've already experienced two and a half years of missionary service, have over 4,800 hours of experience responding to and managing maintenance events of all shape and size, and are uniquely prepared to meet the challenges of cross-cultural service in the mission aviation community worldwide.

Here's a video clip of the guys in the early stages of the GCI phase inspection.