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Friday, February 21, 2014

What Happened Next

After the cylinders of the Lycoming engine for a ministry in Alaska (previous post) were ready, the engine's crankcase with its internal parts was assembled.  Cylinder assemblies were installed and the nuts that hold them were torqued.

Joel (left) and Dale torque thru-bolts that hold cylinders five and six.
Cylinder number three goes into place.
Cylinder valve trains were put in place as well as the accessory gears and accessory housing on the back of the engine.

Joel "safeties" oil passage plugs on the accessory section with lock wire.
Engine assembly is nearly complete as Dale does a final visual inspection of a fuel injector line.
Dale explains fuel injector line inspection criteria to Joel.
The engine test cell is being prepared with the engine mount and instrumentation appropriate for this engine's operational test.  When the test runs are done the maintenance record (read paperwork) will be completed.  It will then be crated for shipping and the engine will be on its way.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Sizing-up Progress in the Engine Shop

The engine shop at MMS Aviation has been a busy place lately.  Dale is supervising the assembly and test of a Lycoming engine for a ministry in Alaska.  Today cylinders and pistons were measured to assure proper clearance between them. 

Tim gave a mini refresher course about how to set up and use the cylinder bore gauge.  Dale, right, observes.

Dale measures each cylinder, checking dimensions in several places of the cylinder bore.

Joel records the dimensions on the engine build-up sheet as Dale gives him the gauge's reading.