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Friday, February 27, 2009

And The Tape Comes Off the Moody 182!

The final silver trim lines were shot on the Moody 182 yesterday. Today it was time to pull the tape and reveal the finished product. The fuselage looks great and there are rumors of hanging the wings and installing the tail surfaces in the very near future. It's very exciting to see this project coming together in the most literal sense possible.

After shooting the silver stripe

David and Ian begin to pull tape.

Gertjan joins in

Now, THAT looks nice...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Much Has Been Accomplished

Thanks for your patience in waiting for a fresh post from our hangar. Much has been accomplished over the past week and two days!

  • annual inspection and repairs on the Aztec used by "The Pfiefers."
  • annual inspection of a regional Cherokee 140.
  • annual inspection of a regional Cessna 150.
  • troubleshooting and repairs on Gospel Carrier International's Cessna 172
  • annual inspection on a Cessna 172 used by MMS Aviation

Work currently underway:
  • Focus Aviation, Cessna 206: annual inspection
  • Moody Aviation 182: restoration and repair
  • Honduran 206: restoration and repair
  • Regional RV8: condition inspection
  • Christian Missions in Many Lands, Cessna 206: engine overhaul
Three other major missionary aircraft projects are either on their way or are already here waiting for a space in the production schedule. It's an exciting time to be involved in mission aviation.

Thanks for your interest, your prayers, and your gifts which make it possible for MMS to serve the worldwide mission community.

Here are a couple snapshots taken today...

Ian and Gertjan make final preparation before
shooting the blue color coat on the Moody 182.

Andy develops his welding skills as part of Basic Training.

Scott assists with the annual inspection of the Focus Aviation 206.

Friday, February 13, 2009

High Winds and No Power

Wednesday night a cold front blew across Ohio knocking out power to hundreds of thousands of people throughout Kentucky and central Ohio. Coshocton County wasn't spared though the damage wasn't as severe locally as it was in other areas. However, power was lost in a good portion of the county to include the Coshocton County Airport and MMS Aviation. Consequently, we didn't report to the mission Thursday morning but did come in during the afternoon when partial power was restored.

Today the power was back to normal as were hangar operations.

Scott checks the flap angle on the Cherokee as part of its annual inspection.

But not all work done was on airplanes. Dave, our facilities manager and safety officer, among other duties and tasks, has been making repairs and modifications to the large, steel sliding doors on the front of Hangar A. Taking care of our facility, grounds, and equipment is a full-time job and more, for Dave. We're blessed that the Lord called him to MMS nearly three years ago to take on this new role for the mission. Every hour he puts in is an hour our mechanics can keep working without interruption.

Dave repairs the sliding doors on Hangar A.

Yes it takes mechanics to keep airplanes flying but it also takes a maintenance man like Dave to keep the hangars safe for both the mechanics and the airplanes.

Just as a note: I'll be on vacation next week so there may not be another posting until February 23rd. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Warm Temperatures and Carburetor Repair

We're very much enjoying 67 degrees today, though it is forecast to become very windy this evening as a cold front moves through. But regardless of the spring-like weather outside, our work on airplanes and the process of preparing people to serve around the world continues on the inside.

Gertjan makes a carburetor repair under Ian's instruction.

Gertjan is preparing to serve with MAF-US. Gertjan and his family have been with us for a year now and anticipate transitioning to field service with MAF in late 2009 or early 2010.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesday in the Hangar

While three of our guys are on Rapid Response down in Florida performing an inspection for Missionary Flights International, the work at our own hangar facility continues.

Hangar A: Paul prepares the engine and the systems "firewall forward" for inspection on the Cherokee 140.

Hangar B: Bob and Andy attach a special tool which will allow them to grind the face of an exhaust port back to "square" on a local Cessna 172.

Hangar C: Painting continues on the 182, the ice boots have been installed on the Aztec's left propeller, Josh is putting GCI's 172 back together and the annual inspection on the Cessna 150 is nearly completed.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Rapid Response Trip to Florida

Mike, Chuck, and David are in Florida this week on Rapid Response to assist Missionary Flights International by performing a "hot-section" inspection of the engines on MFI's turbine-powered DC-3.

After a specific number of hours of operation, the hot-section of a turbine engine (the part of a turbine engine where the fuel is burned) is required to be inspected. MMS is able to not only provide that service at our facility in Coshocton, but we can also travel to different locations and provide the service where needed.

One of MFI's DC-3's was modified to turbine power several years ago. Turbine engines are more dependable than the DC-3's original piston engines and are more economically viable in most parts of the world today. Here are two photos taken during the "Turbine-3's" visit to MMS a couple summers ago.

MFI's Turbine-3 taxis away from our hangar.

Taking off

If you'd like to learn more about MFI and their aviation ministry to Haiti, the Bahamas, and the Dominican Republic, click here. Two MMS graduates currently serve with MFI.

Thank you for your gifts and prayers that not only allow us to maintain and repair missionary airplanes here in Coshocton, but to also travel to where our maintenance services are needed whether it be in the United States or around the world.

Friday, February 6, 2009

We Do Work on Other Airplanes

Just so you know we do work on airplanes other than Moody's 182, here are snapshots of the other projects currently underway in our hangar.

A local Cherokee 140 is undergoing annual inspection.

A local Cessna172 is undergoing annual inspection.

Another local Cessna in the midst of annual inspection.

A ministry 172 is undergoing airframe repairs.

The wings for the Honduran 206 are being rigged.

The ministry Aztec is nearly completed.

All that AND Tim just opened six more work orders!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cessna 206 Disassembly Time-Lapse Video

It's not unusual for aircraft in remote locations to be disassembled and then sent to us in shipping a container for restoration and repair. Such was the case of the Cessna 206 recently completed for MAF. And, once the restoration and repair was completed, the aircraft needed to be disassembled and "containerized" for the trip back to Africa.

What was unusual about the process is that one of our apprentices, Paul Jones, chronicled the entire restoration in a slide show and featured the disassembly and packing of the 206 as a time-lapse video. The video opens with pictures of the aircraft damaged in Africa, moves through its arrival and restoration at MMS, and finishes with the time-lapse portion of "crating" the 206 for its return trip. We hope you enjoy the feature. Special thanks to Hugh and Norma who came down to oversee the containerization.

MAF Chad 206 Dissasembly from Paul Jones on Vimeo.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Painting Begins on the 182 Fuselage

Once the fuselage was in the booth, Ian, David, Gertjan, and Paul didn't waste any time getting the paint mixed and the spray guns ready to shoot paint on the 182.

David (l) instructs Paul (r) in the use of the spray gun.

The 182 with primer.

The 182 with the white base coat.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Moody 182 Fuselage is Moved to Hangar C: Part 2

While the trip didn't really take two days, here's the second part of moving the Moody 182 into Hangar C.

Gertjan & Scott approach Hangar C.

Entering Hangar C through the roll-up door.

Rolling the fuselage into the paint booth.

The fuselage is in position for painting.

Monday, February 2, 2009

The Moody 182 Fuselage Is Moved to Hangar C: Part 1

After final taping and wrapping prior to painting, the Moody 182 was moved to Hangar C this afternoon. This series of shots gets us headed in the right direction. Part 2 will post tomorrow.

The final taping and wrapping of the Moody 182 is underway before painting.

With the taping and wrapping completed the 182 is rolled out of Hangar A...

then around the side...

then down our taxiway to Hangar C.