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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Getting all wire up

Have you ever walked into the inside of an airplane or airliner and wondered where do all these wires go? Or who puts all these wires in here? Well maybe it is just me but I have done that. Intrigued by how things fit together I wonder how do they make that work?

 When airplanes meet electronics it is known as avionics. This is a very specialized area of "preparing planes" and a vital step in properly preparing an airplane for mission service.

We are very blessed to have staff who are very gifted to be able to do this kind of work. They can do anything from configuring radios and antennas to controls, switches, fuses and breakers as well as run any wiring that needs to be done. They have a very good handle on how each instrument works and why.

 As each electrical part has to be wired and configured from schematics to actual wiring these avionics experts work the system through making sure that every wire, lead, connector. fuse, breaker, LED, radio, antenna, gauge, and their mounts is meeting the requirements of that aircraft. Below are some pictures of some of this important work that an avionics expert does.

Jim is setting the proper location for the new style ELT(emergency location transmitter) antenna as Dwight looks on.

And there you have it. The proper location has been located.

Mike is preparing wire harnesses and labeling each wire as it goes into the bundle.

As Mike finishes the numbering he places it into the proper numbered location on the connector.

Here is the finished wire bundle. This one is for the transponder and encoder.

O.K. lets be honest that really looks confusing. Each instrument has it's own bundle properly connected.

Mike is preparing the GPS harness and inspecting it before installation.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Richard Downing gets a face lift

As you drive your car along Airport rd. in Coshocton you notice the long winding sharp ledged densely forested and shaded terrain. You will peak the road at a 90 degree right hand turn as you sweep by the gate and chain link fence at the opening of the top of the hill and run out of road at the square beautiful brick building. You look up and the smiling words Richard Downing airport stare back at you.

MMS Aviation is proudly located at this airport by God's design. We have a wonderful relationship with the airport administration and work well together with them. This past month the airport was closed due to the long straight 5000' runway in need of resurfacing repairs and remarking of the taxi ways. It was amazing to watch these professionals strip the old surface and prepare it for the new surface and then resurface all 5000' feet. Truck after truck lining up to dump their load until every square inch was redone.

 Being at the top of the hill has it's working advantages. Being October and the change of seasons displaying a beautiful explosion of reds, yellows, and oranges to the scene as the days stroll along. Below are a few pictures of the repaving  and turning of the colors.

The resurfacing crew working hard on the 5000' runway

A view of the colors off the south end of the runway taken from the taxiway by the hangar

A view of the fresh runway southend and coloring in the trees