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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Video Update on the Gabon 207

Here's the latest video on the Gabon 207 restoration project. Dale's crew has really hit their stride and are on track to have this project wrapped up early this fall. I was down in the hangar yesterday shooting fresh footage of the guys removing the tail cone.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A 310, A 182, And A 207

Gospel Carrier International's Cessna 310 Arrives.
With the arrival of GCI's Cessna 310 for annual inspection, GCI's 172 Cessna departed, but yes, the hangar is still filled with Cessnas.

GCI's Cessna 31o is the twin-engine airplane on the left.

Work On The 182 Continues
Mike, Jim, Andy P., Mark, Paul, and Ben continue to push the Cessna 182's annual inspection toward completion. Some corroded components needed to be replaced, work on the nose gear was completed, some discrepancies were found in the exhaust system, and some structural repairs are being taken care of inside the cabin. The project is providing good operational maintenance experience for our apprentices.

Mark works with the 182's exhaust system.

Paul performs maintenance on the 182's nose gear.

Continued Progress On The Gabon 207
Another major step was initiated today on the Gabon 207 as the tail cone was removed from the cabin portion of the fuselage. The tail cone was substantially damaged in the airplane's forced landing and with its removal, the way is cleared for this last major component repair.

Chuck, Josh, and Dale begin removing the tail cone of the 207.

Chuck and Josh remove skin panels as Dale drills-out additional rivets.

Dave & Guido
Part of the recent "Raise The Roof" fundraising effort was to purchase a newer piece of equipment for mowing and snow removal. After extensive research, a barely-used Kubota F3060 was purchased. The F3060 has since been affectionately named "Guido" after a similar looking character in the original "Cars" animated movie. Dave is greatly enjoying the power and torque generated by its 30 horsepower diesel engine.

Dave puts Guido through its paces.

Thanks for your gifts and prayers which make our ministry possible. We couldn't be here doing what we're doing without you back there doing what you're doing!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cessnas Everywhere

All three of our hangars are loaded with Cessnas right now.

In Hangar A we have three Cessnas being worked on--two Cessna 172's and a 182.

Three Cessnas in Hangar A

Ben and Mark inspect the 182's air box.

In Hangar B the amphibious Brazilian 206 waits for its return-to-service flights while the Cessna 402 waits on parts and funding.

The Cessna 402 and 206 in Hangar B

In Hangar C, MMS grad and Missionary Aviation Group member, Paul Jones continues to work on their Cessna 206 for Guatemala. He's currently installing the cargo pod on the belly of the aircraft.

MAG's 206 with cargo pod.

Also in Hangar C, the Gabon Gabon 207's static system is being tested while structural repairs continue.

Dale tests the 207's static system as Phil assists inside the fuselage.

Chuck drills-out rivets to facilitate the removal and replacement of the 207's rear, wing spar carry-through which was cracked in four places.

Thanks for your gifts and prayers that make it possible for us to serve so many different ministries, in so many different ways, for the same purpose: to speed and spread the good news of Jesus Christ to those who have not heard.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011