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Thursday, April 21, 2016

One step closer to training

MMS Aviation has a partnership with Missionary Air Group (MAG). The partnership was developed to provide apprentice pilot training. Our goal is to help an approved apprentice gain all of their needed requirements as a pilot/mechanic. Starting first to gain their A&P as a mechanic and then moving on to the pilot program to achieve the minimum 400hrs. of flying and all necessary ratings combined with real missionary flying experience.

For all of this to happen we need an airplane that can provide the majority of the basic flying. In August of 2014 Missionary Air Group purchased an airplane for the purpose of training future missionary pilots.

Since the purchase of the airplane, a Cessna 172, we here at MMS have been working on this plane doing various needed maintenance. We have done an avionics upgrade, minor repairs and a full new paint job.

We are excited to say that we have finished this project. N381MG will now be moving to it's new home in Burlington, North Carolina. This is where the majority of the pilot training will occur. This also happens to be where MAG has their headquarters.

This training aircraft will be starting it's intended purpose, training future missionary pilots, by the end of this year. We are excited to see this next step being put into place and our first apprentice family starting in the near future.
The training plane right after purchase nicknamed "butterscotch"

N381MG completed and ready for service, no longer named"butterscotch"

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Unexpected

A pilot must always be prepared for the unexpected. Anything can happen at any time while up in the air. Proper trusted maintenance is always one of those things you may take for granted. Here at MMS we never take anything for granted and we do everything we can to be diligent in the work we do. But sometimes things happen that are outside of your control and a pilot needs to be ready for what ever comes there way.
Recently we had one of the ministries we serve have one of these unexpected circumstances. Gospel Carrier International's Chief pilot and president was flying on his way to MMS. When he reached 22,000 ft the inner passenger windshield exploded from the pressure. He immediately descended to a lower altitude to take pressure off the windshield and safely landed at MMS where we inspected and repaired the windshield. Here is a sequence of pictures of that repair.

All finished and ready for flight