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Saturday, August 28, 2010

An Update From Gabon Africa

Here's an update on Dale, Paul, and Andy in Gabon, Africa from the pilot of the plane they're disassembling for shipment to MMS. Click on the link below to visit his blog and see how the process is coming along!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Off To Africa

Dale, Paul J., and Andy are off to Gabon, Africa to disassemble and crate a Cessna 207 for shipment to MMS. Clipping a taxi cab and a light pole during an emergency landing on a dirt road, the airplane was damaged beyond Air Calvary's ability to repair. Air Calvary contacted us to see if we could help them and we are blessed to send this Rapid Response Team over to start the process of returning this airplane to mission service.

Dale, Andy, and Paul J.

The airplane, the taxi, and the light pole.

Damage to wing strut, leading edge of the wing, and the landing gear.

Damage to flaps and control surfaces

Damaged tail section

You can see the airplane is in need of substantial repair. Dale, Andy, and Paul J. should have the airplane disassembled and crated over the next two weeks. We expect the guys back in Coshocton the first week of September. It will take the airplane a bit longer to arrive as it will travel by boat and then truck before arriving at our hangar facility sometime in October.

We appreciate your prayers for Dale, Andy and Paul (and their families here) as they're away in Gabon, Africa.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back on the Blog

After being out of the hangar for the past week and a day, it's time to catch you up on some of the projects.

Jim makes some electrical repairs to the Cessna 210.

Terry installs a wing root fairing on the 210.

Paul G. works on the Cessna 337's instrument panel.

Tim troubleshoots a fuel problem with a local RV-8.

Mark works on the right wing of the Cessna 402 while waiting for parts to continue repairs to the left wing.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tropical Training

This week is another week of "tropical training" at MMS. No, the guys aren't sitting around in lounge chairs, under palm trees, sipping iced drinks with umbrellas in's just HOT (93 degrees) and HUMID (80%) with rather regular, intense thunderstorms rolling through every afternoon.

Once such storm just rolled through just a few minutes ago which did its best to blow, blast, and wash us off the top of the hill here at Richard Downing/Coshocton County Airport. Yee-haw. Of course in a few very short months we'll go into our "Arctic training" mode. When you prepare people to live and work in all parts of the globe it helps to have a weather range representative of the varied climates in which they'll serve. And here, in east central Ohio...we see it all...sometimes in a matter of hours.

Andy, Mike, and Mark make a plan for drilling the spar strap.

Terry begins work on the right main landing gear of the 210.

Paul works behind the instrument panel in preparation for installing instrumentation in the 337.

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Pfeifer Aztec Returns to Service

The guys wrapped up work on the Pfeifer Evangelical Association's Piper Aztec this afternoon. With the left landing gear successfully repaired, they finished troubleshooting an electrical problem and fixed a leak in the left fuel bladder. The Aztec's now back in service!

Terry troubleshoots a problem with an electrical component.

Josh repairs the fuel bladder.

Mike and Josh cowl the right engine.

The Aztec leaves our ramp for the taxiway.