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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cessna 402

The Cessna 402 project is starting to work its way back into the production schedule. With manpower still a bit scattered between projects in three hangars, and with 4 guys down in Florida helping MFI, Mike and Mark have moved over to start organizing and planning the spar cap installation on the Cessna 402 for Wings With The Word, a ministry based in the northeast US.

With both engines already removed, both wings will also need to be removed and special testing conducted to verify the serviceability of the main wing spar. Once determined to be serviceable, our guys will install a "spar cap" as per an FAA Service Bulletin.

A project of this complexity and scope takes some preparation. Mike and Mark are reviewing the drawings and parts lists, verifying parts, and laying out the logical flow of events that will need to be followed to facilitate a timely completion.

Mike and Mark review the drawings and parts lists.

Mike and Mark identify and confirm the proper parts.

Mike & Mark with the 402.

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