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Friday, July 16, 2010

Test Run of the Rear Engine for the Cessna 337

This is an exciting way to end the week! Scott and Paul are currently in the engine shop conducting the test and break-in runs of the engine they just overhauled for the LAMP 337. This is the rear engine. The front engine was overhauled first and is already mounted in the airframe.

It's always satisfying to see and hear the engine run after the overhaul process is complete. Next week this engine will be mounted on the airframe. Chuck is nearly completed with the airframe repairs and it looks like we should have this airplane back in missionary service by the end of September. We're gathering momentum as we near the finish-line for this project.

They're shutting the engine down to cool at idle. How do I know this? Even all the way over here on the other side of the hangar in the administrative can hear the engine and feel its power.

Thanks for your gifts and prayers that have enabled us to keep this project moving ahead.

Scott & Paul measure cylinder components.

Paul builds-up the engine.

The completed engine on the "run-up" stand.

Paul operates the engine while Scott monitors the stream of performance data.

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