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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cessna 402 Spar Cap Project: Part 7

Here's a little video project that will fill in some history as both spar straps are now in place and the guys are prepping the engine compartments for engine installation. In this clip Jim, Terry, and Mike were making major progress with securing the left spar strap in place.

In other projects, Ian is shooting paint on the amphibious floats for the Brazilian 206; Jim and Paul G. are inspecting and repairing a Cessna 172 for ministry; Mike has just started an annual inspection on a SR-22; Andy and Mark are continuing the engine compartment work on the Cessna 402; Dale is conducting an annual inspection on a local airplane and following up on all the paperwork and problem-solving involved with bringing a containerized airplane from Africa into the US; and Scott, Paul J., Terry, and Chuck are hard at work on completing all the modifications and repairs on the Navajo used for ministry in Alaska.

Thanks for your prayers and gifts as we continue to prepare people and planes for worldwide mission service.


Steve said...

Let's pray that the aircraft from Africa arrives soon!

Steve said...

Let's hope that aircraft from Africa gets there soon! Can't wait to see it on your blog. Steve

Keith said...

Hey Steve, thanks for your comments! The last I heard things were looking good for the 207 to arrive at our hangar any day now.