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Monday, January 24, 2011

Asas 206: Inital Engine Run & Taxi Test

Ian and Paul J. conducted the initial engine run and taxi test of the Brazilian 206 this afternoon. The contrast between the weather in Brazil and the weather here in Coshocton, OH couldn't be more dramatic. The airplane will ultimately operate off the Amazon River and carry missionaries safely over dense, tropical jungle. Well, today we're not experiencing "tropical" unless you consider snow and temps in the mid-twenties to be "tropical." Most of us here, this time of the year, would rather be in Brazil for the warmer temperatures if nothing else.

The engine started right up on the first attempt after only a few revolutions and the airplane handled well during the slow taxi-test. Lord willing, I'll have some video up tomorrow afternoon. But until then here are four stills:

Dave helps Ian pull the 206 out of the hangar.

The "non-tropical" setting today.

Ian at the controls with the engine performing perfectly. The white flecks are snow flakes.

On the taxiway.

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