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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Video: A Walk-through Tour of Hangars A&B

Here's a quick walk-through tour of the projects currently being worked on in Hangars A&B. Activity is a bit lower than usual due to Ian, Josh and Chuck being on Rapid Response to Florida in support of Missionary Flights International's Haiti relief efforts, but we're still plugging away in our own little corner of God's Kingdom.


Anonymous said...

Real nice video!
Hangars always look so neat and clean!
I must say, though, those wires look totally confusing to me! :)

Val said...

Brilliant! Great to be able to see what's going on. We will be able to imagine more clearly where Mark is working and learning though so far away.

Keith said...

Hello Anonymous,

I understand about the wires...I don't know how anyone can build a wiring harness like that AND have it work, too! We have some very gifted men in our hangar.

Keith said...

Hello Val,

Thanks for stopping by for a look-see. We're very pleased to have Mark as part of our team.

Cloudgazer said...

Great to see all the hard work going on and of course I cheered when I saw Mark! Big hugs and continued prayers to you all, from his little big sister x