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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What happened to the engine?

While the Lycoming IO-360 overhaul was being completed, the airframe it arrived on was going through its own renewal.  An annual inspection was underway and unsafe conditions discovered were being corrected.
Sturdy jacks kept the plane stable during landing gear repair and adjustment.
Without its engine and propeller the Cessna Cardinal looked a bit like a glider.  After repair of the engine mount and landing gear the plane came off the jacks and was ready for engine installation.

Jake readies the engine for installation as Mike supervises.
With engine and prop in place Geoff and Jake make sure the lower cowl fits.

The post-inspection engine run revealed a faulty tachometer that had to be changed, but the engine performed beautifully and that's just the way we like it.
Mike "fights" the upper cowl made more difficult to install by new rubber air seals on the engine baffles.

The Cardinal was certified as airworthy April 16th and on April 20th the owner flew it back to Wisconsin where it will continue to support Christian ministry.
Ready to go back to work.

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