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Monday, August 10, 2015

Oshkosh EAA 2015

Every year MMS goes to Oshkosh, WI where we set up a table in the IAMA missions tent representing one of a myriad of Christian Missionary flight organizations and representing missionary aviation as part of the whole of aviation. We are glad to be a part of this big event and grateful for the opportunity to showcase who we are.

each year about 500,000 people come to Oshkosh to watch and see airplanes doing everything from aerobatics to military past and present showing off their skills. There seems to be miles of parked airplanes to walk through and a seaplane base located south just a few miles. It is accessible by bus from the grounds doing hourly shuttles.

Here are some pictures of the event that shows some of the vastness of aviation.
Samaritan Ministries new 206 Cessna will be heading for Papua New Guinea soon.

Icon makes planes in the light sport division. This plane will fold up and fit on a trailer.

Airbus A350 is the largest jetliner in the world. At 6'2" I can stand inside the engine and not touch.

This Junkers 13 was the first metal bodied plane from 1934

This formation of war birds is a complete volunteer effort for the airshow. They pay all of their own expenses and on their own time for the show.

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