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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

PT-6 Class

The big thing going on in the hangar this week, besides work on the eight different aircraft projects currently underway, is a class being taught by StandardAero on the operation and maintenance of the Pratt-Whitney PT-6 turbine engine. The PT-6 is used extensively on the mission field and is becoming even more prevalent with the introduction of the Kodiak to the mission aviation fleet.

StandardAero has been associated with the PT-6 engine series for many, may years years. As we had a large portion of our staff and apprentices needing to go through the course for the first time, and several desiring a refresher course, Bob arranged for StandardAero to hold their six day class at our facility instead of having our guys travel to their facility in Winnipeg, Canada.

Nine of our guys are spending each morning this week (Monday-Saturday) up in the conference room for the lecture and illustration part of the class. Each afternoon the guys go down to the hangar for the "hands-on" portion of the class. Standard Aero brings one disassembled engine for show-and-tell during lecture and brings a fully-assembled engine for disassembly and inspection purposes providing specific maintenance experience related to splitting the engine, hot section inspection, and reassembly. It's good training and StandardAero does a great job of presenting the information and providing the opportunity to become familiar with the engine.

In the conference room.

In Hangar A

Positioning the engine 0n its stand

Securing the engine to its mounting ring

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