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Monday, April 5, 2010

Top-Secret Missionary Airplane Being Developed at MMS

As a reward for all our faithful blog followers out there, here's a sneak preview of a new missionary airplane we're developing on the hush-hush. Yes, we do have a little-known Research & Development program here to help keep us on the cutting edge of missionary aviation. The photo you are about to see is the first ever to be publicly released of our very own "X" plane.

We feel it has the capacity to change the way people look at mission aviation and have an impact worldwide no matter what the climate or location. This truly is an airplane for all seasons and situations. While developing this on a small prototype, we envision eventual certification of similar options for larger aircraft like the Quest Kodiak and the Cessna Caravan.

Okay. Here's the photo:

MMS Aviation's very own "X-Plane"

This airplane will be able to make its own runway on the fly! Whether prospective runways need to be plowed or mowed or both, this airplane will be the leading edge of the final push to open up the last frontiers. With the brush-hog deck underneath and the cutting blade on the front both fully adjustable from inside the cockpit, a new breed of construction engineer/pilot will be the first on the scene. No more spending months of tireless labor constructing a runway by hand. Now, it'll just take a few low-altitude, high-speed passes and within minutes missionary airplanes following close behind can be on the ground delivering the people and supplies necessary to continue expanding the Kingdom as our solver winged-wonder heads into the sunset to open another previously unreachable avenue.

We're having a contest to name the prototype. If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment.

Thanks for playing along.

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