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Monday, September 20, 2010

Birds of a Different Feather At MMS

Friday evening several "birds of a different feather" came to roost overnight in Hangar C. With "Wings Over Coshocton," the Coshocton County bi-annual airshow, kicking off the next morning, MMS opened Hangar C so the air show pilots could store their airplanes indoors. These aren't your typical missionary aircraft!

Prior to pulling their aircraft onto our ramp and positioning them in our hangar, each pilot flew a good portion of their aerobatic routine for a select audience of press representatives, VIPs and maybe a missionary or two who had chosen to hang around after hours.

The Air Force brought two A-10s as part of the show. We'll have more on the A-10 in tomorrow's post.

Dave Dacy's Super Stearman in action.

Super Stearman at Hangar C.

Iron Eagles in action.

One of the Super Christen Eagle 1 aircraft flown by the Iron Eagle Aerobatic Team taxis up to Hangar C.

Pitts Special outside Hangar C.

An Air Force A-10 Thunderbolt takes off from Coshocton.

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