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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

In The Home Stretch: LAMP's Cessna 337

The LAMP Cessna 337 which we're preparing for ministry in Canada is nearing completion. There's a high level of activity around the airplane as the remaining interior squawks are completed, the final airframe discrepancies are addressed, and the last details of engine rigging take place on both the front and rear engines. A deadline has been set for "roll-out and engine runs" on or before October 1st.

The 337 in Hangar A.

Chuck installs windows.

Jim finalizes some wiring placement.

Dennis and Mark install a de-ice boot on the left wing.

Paul rigs the rear engine.

This aircraft has been a major restoration project which has provided excellent training opportunities, and multiple challenges, for staff and apprentices alike. Thanks for being part of it through your gifts and your prayers.

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