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Friday, August 12, 2011

Heading Into The Weekend

As we head into the weekend, I'd like to leave you with the latest video of the Cessna 207 we're restoring for Air Calvary's use in Gabon, Africa. Removing the damaged tail cone was the beginning of the final major structural task in the restoration. Yes, there's still a couple more months worth of work to complete, but once the new tail cone is in place the fuselage can be repainted and the wings and control surfaces and all the other major components can come together in the most literal fashion.

Thanks for your ongoing prayers for this project, our mechanics, and our ministry.


Jean Nadeau said...

It is so nice to review these blog posts/pictures/information. Hubby Bob and I keep you fella's, families & folks in our prayers. God bless....He has a perfect way of doing that. In Christ, Jeanie Nadeau

Keith said...

Jean, Thank you so much for your comment and your prayers for us as we prepare people and planes for worldwide mission service!