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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Weekend Wrap-up

There was a lot going on in the hangar Thursday and Friday.

Thursday saw Williams Chang bring the GCI King Air in for a repair to the air conditioning system and a compressor wash. Tim ran down the AC problem and Scott L. assisted with the compressor wash.

Scott L. operates the compressor washing system as Tim spins the propeller.

On Friday, Josh continued his work getting the CMML engine ready to operate in our engine test cell.

Josh tightens the cylinder head covers.

Josh in the test cell viewed from inside the engine shop. The operator's panel in the foreground controls and monitors the engine's operation.

Also, the final work on the Moody 182 RG continued. Lord willing, it will undergo a series of test flights next week.

Ian checks the fit of the prop spinner for the 182.

With the fit verified, Ian installs the spinner.

Jim, from Moody Aviation, and his son, Daniel, are in town. They'll fly the airplane back to Moody Aviation's facility in Spokane, Washington, once all the "bugs" are worked out and final adjustments are made.

Jim and Daniel in front of the nearly completed 182 restoration.

The 182's brakes have been bled and the initial engine run-ups and systems checks should start on Monday!

In other work: The Honduran 206 project continues to move ahead with adjustments and corrosion repair to the elevators and Chuck fabricated additional engine baffling for the Canadian 337.


Anonymous said...

Oh,my! Is that my son with the cone hat? :)

What in the world? haha

Keith said...

Yes, I do believe it is your son!

Anonymous said...

HI Keith. Just playing with Kathy

Keith said...

Hello Chris, Thanks for stopping by the blog!