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Friday, November 4, 2011

The Gabon 207 Returns to Service!

After seven months of restoration and repair, Steve Straw, Air Calvary's pilot, lifted the 207 into the perfectly blue sky over Coshocton this afternoon for the aircraft's initial flight. After testing every aspect of the aircraft's performance, Steve brought the 207 back to our hangar, loaded the last of his gear, and flew the airplane to Pennsylvania to share it with several church congregations.

Prepared for departure

Fueling up

Off to Pennsylvania

Next week, Steve will bring the airplane back to MMS and drop it off as he returns to Gabon ahead of the 207. Another pilot will fly the 207 to Kansas to be fitted with long-range fuel tanks for its own flight back to Gabon, Africa in the near future.

Lord willing, I'll be able to put some video of the flight together late next week.

Thanks for all your prayers, gifts, emails, and encouragements over this project. It's always a joy to see a badly damaged aircraft return to service in an "as new" condition.

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