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Friday, April 6, 2012

Hey, Dwight, it isn't May!

I realize May isn't here yet, but I need to follow up on the Double Trouble post of February 9th. By the time the propellers were back from a prop shop in Pennsylvania, the engines were nearing completion. The last event in the engine repair process was an operational check in our test cell.

Fuel pump replacement (in the test cell)
 Of the two engines tested, one performed just as it should have but the other needed to have its fuel pump overhauled. The pump was sent to an FAA approved specialty shop and upon its reinstallation performed flawlessly. Then it was time to load the engines and props and get them back to the ministry in Florida.

He's a pilot, a mechanic, and a lift truck driver!

Two engines and two propellers
Fast forward a few days and about 1,050 miles. Upon arrival, MMS mechanics, Scott, Ben and Jake, went right to work installing the Cessna 310's engines.

Jake (left) and Ben guide an engine into place.
 Both engines are on the plane now and the propellers will probably wait until the airframe repair is complete before they are installed. (It's really unhandy dodging prop blades while doing major maintenance like this.)

Our fellows have already pitched in to help on several other maintenance tasks, joining their MMS coworker, Mark, who went there earlier to work on the DC-3 you see behind the Cessna 310.

Dwight Jarboe
President & CEO
MMS Aviation

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Elliott Parfitt said...

Great work guys!
Praying for you.