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Monday, September 10, 2012

Hangar Overview & Project Update

We're currently enjoying a wonderful break from the heat and the humidity. Overnight temps are dropping into the 40's, daytime temps are topping out in the 70's and, at this point, anything below 100 percent humidity feels like a dry day. It's been a long, hot, HUMID summer in Coshocton, schools are back in session, and all our families are back from vacations and and various deputation trips.

Even with all the man-power shortage and shuffling that goes on every summer, our guys are still pushing projects toward completion.

Cessna 185
Amazon Salt & Light's Cessna 185 project is in its final stages of assembly. The airframe's nearly finished and the rigging is being finalized. The next major assembly process will be to install the floats in order to allow the 185 to use the Amazon River in Brazil for its runway.

 Jim and Jake hang the flaps on the 185.

MAG 206
Missionary Air Group's Cessna 206 is nearly completed. It should be on its way down to Honduras early next month.
 Josh begins installation of the interior of MAG's 206.

MAF 206
The restoration of MAF's Cessna 206 is in its final stages of airframe repair. Soon it will be headed into the paint booth.

 Andy and Chuck rivet a new skin on an elevator for the MAF 206.

Missions Beyond, Zenith 801
With all the major airframe components assembled, final adjustments are being made to its rigging and control surfaces in anticipation of its first flight.

 Zenith 801
GCI Cessna 310
The annual inspection on Gospel Carrier International's Cessna 310 was completed.

GCI 310

Schwartz, Cessna 172
The Cessna 172 that our personnel have access to fly has had a new instrument panel installed and is waiting for the resources to complete an upgrade to a more powerful engine.

Schwartz 172

Centralized Hardware Station
In response to staff requests, a centralized aircraft hardware station is being developed in Hangar B. Phil Maddux is overseeing the move and reorganization of all the various components necessary to hold airplanes together: nuts, bolts, washers, cotter pins, rivets of all shapes and sizes, fasteners, nut plates...

Phil organizes our aircraft hardware.

All this and there are seven more aircraft projects already on their way in!

Thanks for your gifts and prayers which enable us to prepare people and planes for worldwide mission service.

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Elliott Parfitt said...

Like the organization idea! I was just in Holmes Co. last weekend; wish I'd had time to spin down and see MMF. Maybe next time. God Bless!
Son of God and Country