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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Look Back at April 2013

Before I summarize a very busy summer in the next blog, April at MMS Aviation needs mentioned.  Major aircraft maintenance events begin and finish throughout the year at MMS.  Typically this heavy maintenance involves repair following accidents and incidents, engine overhauls, or complete restorations.  Many times significant work on an airframe is combined with an engine overhaul.
To have three of these projects completed within a week of each other is rather rare and a bit exciting.

The top snapshot above is of a Cessna 206 that was completely restored after many years of use in four different countries by Mission Aviation Fellowship.  The Cessna Cardinal in the center picture is owned by two ministries in Wisconsin and received an annual inspection and some airframe repair along with an engine overhaul.  The Piper Lance in the lower photo is owned and operated by LAMP in Canada and had its engine overhauled.  The Lance also got new carpet installed in the cabin, several windows replaced, and repair and repainting of external fiberglass parts.

April was a fun month.

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