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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A special treat

Mercy Air has completed it's helicopter, and to say thank you to MMS for the use of it's facility they were giving families a ride. It was exciting sitting in the front seat with anticipation as you heard the slow whine start to pick up momentum and the long blades started to swirl around. Inside the cockpit you could feel the wump, wump, wump of the rotor blades swirling. Looking through the windshield you could see the swirls of snow curling across the ground. After all checks of the helicopter we were cleared for take off. The slow upward lift as it pulled us skyward felt like we were floating on a cloud and the nose pointed forward and tilted down slightly and we were off.

Getting a view of Coshocton from 1,000 ft. above was breath taking. We worked our way south looking at our houses and worked our way back north to around Newbedford along the Amish coun- try and then back to the hangar. As we made our approach there were families eagerly anticipating their ride with smiles on their faces and children dancing about wondering when it was their turn.

As we hovered over the taxi-way and gently touched down in front of hangar A it was time for us to give up our seats and let the next family have their turn. AS we touched down we were greeted by Mike the mechanic as he had his warm Swiss smile and opened the door to help us out. These are rare but wonderful opportunities when we get to actually fly in one of the projects from our hangar.
A view from above the hangar

Coshocton from 1,000ft. above

A couple of happy passengers enjoying the flight

A view of the approaching hangar

Mike as he is helping the passengers into the helocopter


The Mercy Air crew Mike, David, and Matthias

Here is the Helicopter today getting ready for shipping to South Africa

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