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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Mercy Air does it's first test run on N220CF

 After months of reconfiguration the Mercy Air helicopter had it's first test run. This helicopter has been reconfigured from an air ambulance to a utility helicopter. There are countless hours of taking apart each section of the helicopter and preparing it for it's new home in South Africa.

MMS Aviation does not do helicopters but we are allowing Mercy Air to utilize space in our back hangar to work on their project. It has been a wonderful experience to work along side these fellow workers.

Mercy Air does disaster relief work in the South African region where they have had some recent flooding. The helicopter that is being reconfigured is needed there very soon to start running flights. They have a second helicopter which has been utilized and has now run out of running cycles and the helicopter needs to be overhauled so the timing of this one being completed and returned to service is very critical. I have attached some pictures of the helicopter and the recent flooding in Mozambique which is one of the areas where Mercy Air operates.

The helicopter when it arrived in August 2014

The helicopter after major reconfiguration in February 2015
The other helicopter picking up much needed supplies to deliver

Loading these much needed supplies from the truck
Delivering the much needed supplies to the villages

Notice that the flooding is making it near impossible for villagers to cross the rivers

The villagers awaiting the much needed supplies from Mercy Air

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