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Friday, October 9, 2015

Vinyl or paint

When you create the details of a paint scheme so that you can identify who the aircraft belongs to, there are infinite possibilities in the creative structure on what can be done.

There are however only two ways to apply what you have designed. You can either use a designed vinyl decal which looks very nice and is easier to apply in most situations or the other method would be to paint the designed scheme right to the airplane. The second method is more labor intensive but the results can be worth the extra effort.

In missionary aviation which style you choose may be selected by the environment in which the airplane would reside in and cost effectiveness would also play a part in which way you choose.

The majority of airplanes that we modify or repair, vinyl graphics will do the job. Sometimes a project requires the painting of the details for durability and the customers we serve request that it be done this way. The current project that we are repairing for Missionary Air Group(MAG) has requested that painting the details is what is needed for this project and it is an intricate one at that.

The effort was worth the time. The crew here at MMS did a fantastic job. Here are a few pictures of the project.


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