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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Big World, Little Plane

This is one of my favorite mission aviation pictures. An MMS mechanic took it during a Rapid Response Trip to Papua New Guinea in 2004. The picture shows it's a little plane in a big world; but, what a valuable tool the airplane is!

The airplane in the picture is a Cessna model 206. It had just lifted off of the airstrip to fly over the mountains and valleys that form such a formidable barrier to travel. I don't know what the destination was, but the plane represents to me the thousands of mission flights made each year around the world.

You've read quite a bit about "206s" in our blog. There are a lot of these six place Cessnas in mission use around the world and here at MMS Aviation we've gotten very well acquainted with them. However, a wide variety of aircraft are used in support of Christian ministry and MMS mechanics expertly maintain and repair them as well.

It's a joy to serve with the MMS team as we Prepare People and Planes for Worldwide Mission Service.

Dwight Jarboe
President & CEO

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