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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Kingdom Work

Honduran 206
While major structural tasks are slowing down on the Honduran 206, there is always paint removal to keep the guys busy and the project moving forward. Keep them busy, yes, but it won't necessarily keep the guys thrilled as paint removal is not a thrilling event. While it can be satisfying, as paint removal is Kingdom work too, it's very seldom the most favored of maintenance assignments.

David and Gertjan faithfully removing paint for our King.

Moody 182
With the completion of the MAF 206, more of our manpower is going to be directed toward completing the Moody 182 restoration. Scott has been diligently overhauling and installing the retractable landing gear system on the airplane. This airplane suffered a hard landing and incurred substantial structural damage. The sooner we complete this project, the sooner this airplane can be returned to service helping future missionary pilots learn how to fly.

You can see there is a bit more work to do before this airplane is ready to go.

Scott and Mike prepare to fit the nose gear doors in place on the Moody 182.

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