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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Insulation, Glare Shields, and Starter Adapters, Oh My!

Honduran 206
After working through a vendor-related miscommunication, the insulation is now being cut, fit, and secured inside the cabin area of the Honduran 206. Once all the new insulation is in place, the plastic interior panels will be installed over it, the seats will go in and, after some weighing, balancing, and ground runs, the airplane will be ready for test flights early next year.

Andy measures insulation before cutting and fitting it inside the Honduran 206.

Brazilian 206
Due to some maintenance complications, painting of the wings has moved into next week. Repairs to the wings and fuselage continue in the meantime. Josh is working to install the control cables in the belly of the aircraft so the floor panels can be riveted in place. Mark is tasked with making repairs to the airplane's glare shield.

Mark makes repairs to the Brazilian 206's glare shield.

Canadian 337
Chuck continues to work through a long list of small discrepancies on the 337's airframe. Scott and Dale continue to prepare the accessories for assembly of the front engine.

Scott assembles the starter adapter for the front engine on the 337.

Chuck makes another structural repair to the 337's airframe.

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