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Friday, October 22, 2010

Additional Cessna 337 Video

As we close out the week, I thought you might enjoy another video. I shot these clips prior to the last video posted of the Cessna 337's engine runs and taxi test, but never had the chance to go back and edit these clips until today. So, even though the airplane is going to be test flown next week, here's an earlier record of Scott and Paul installing the rear engine. I did add in some of the test run footage at the end.

Right now the guys are "swarming" the 337 while Scott finalizes the mountain of paperwork that accompanies every aircraft project. Ian, Andy, Josh, and Jim are down there on the hangar floor adjusting seats, closing the instrument panel, installing the carpet, tucking the headliner, placing the side panels in place, and making final systems adjustments. It's great to see this project finishing so well. Lord willing, I'll have some test flight footage for you in the near future!

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