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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

King Air Phase Inspection, Part 1

Gospel Carrier International's King Air 200 is back in our hangar for a "phase inspection." A phase inspection is performing an annual inspection in "phases" over an extended period of time. Phase inspections are an efficient way to maximize the airplane's availability through less down-time while meeting all the safety and maintenance criteria in an ongoing manner.

Performing these inspections for GCI (and other mission operators) provides our apprentice mechanics with unsurpassed experience working on high-technology airplanes, under real production pressures, in positions demanding a high level of personal responsibility.

When our mechanics finish their thirty months of apprenticeship they've already experienced two and a half years of missionary service, have over 4,800 hours of experience responding to and managing maintenance events of all shape and size, and are uniquely prepared to meet the challenges of cross-cultural service in the mission aviation community worldwide.

Here's a video clip of the guys in the early stages of the GCI phase inspection.

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