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Monday, October 25, 2010

The Arctic Barnabas Navajo Arrives from Alaska

Here's a snapshot of the Arctic Barnabas Piper Navajo as it pulled onto our ramp this afternoon.

Arctic Barnabas Piper Navajo

Arctic Barnabas flew their Navajo down from Alaska so we could replace the windows and windscreen, replace the belly skins, remove an engine and ship it out for overhaul, remove its flaps and elevators so a specialty shop can repair them, repair the engine cowling, install a new crew door, and conduct an annual inspection. We've committed to have all this completed and the airplane back in service in three months, by the end of January 2011.

Ian checks some details on GCI's King Air.

Late last week, GCI flew their King Air down for a wash. Here's Ian checking some details before washing the airplane. The airplane in the foreground is Pfeifer Evangelical Association's Piper Aztec which was in for an oil change and to have an instrument replaced.

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