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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Still Waiting On Weather With The 402

Yesterday's predicted weather system has arrived. While last night's "winter weather advisory" has been lifted (replaced with a "flood watch"), we're left with rain and a current air temperature of 33 degrees.

The 402 crew is waiting it out working on other airplanes and hoping tomorrow's prediction of "partly sunny and breezy" comes to pass. The delays (administrative and weather-related) at the end of such a long and challenging project just make it seem like Christmas is tomorrow, but tomorrow always remains one day away no matter how many days you wake up.

The return-to-service and departure of the Cessna 402 will open up a new chapter of maintenance projects as the 402 is the last of the three most recent long-term restoration projects to be completed: The Asas de Socorro amphib 206 is down in Brazil, the Air Calvary 207 is back in Gabon, Africa, and soon..(tomorrow?) the Wings With the Word the 402 will fly.

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