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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Working Away on a Tuesday

It's 44 degrees, the sky is blue, the sun is bright and it seems more like a day in early spring as opposed to mid-winter. The temps do drop into the low twenties overnight, but the light frost left behind is gone soon after the sun rises. This day started a little differently than most as a local business group had breakfast at our hangar and then took a tour of the facility.

International Update
The Cessna 207 we restored for Air Calvary has safely arrived in Gabon, Africa after 8 days and 49 hours of flight! Here's a photo of a local pastor celebrating the airplane's return!

Pastor Sangoye welcomes the Air Calvary Cessna 207 back to Gabon.

Meanwhile, in our own hangar:

Andy, Mark, and Phil work on a local Cessna 310.

Josh readies a freshly reassembled engine for its test run.

Chuck (in the sweatshirt) explains the intricacies of aircraft hardware to Jake, MMS' newest apprentice.

Ben waxes the 402 before rolling it outside.

Mike enters the 402 to conduct its final post-inspection engine runs.

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