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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A New Year

January 2nd came right on schedule and the MMS Aviation team returned after the holiday break.  Each year the first order of business is to do physical inventory which is a rather mundane task but necessary.  Doing inventory is a lot like eating the vegetable you don't like first so you can enjoy the rest of the meal.

Tables placed near the standard hardware shelves make inventory easier.
Inventory typically takes a day and a half and is followed by review of the MMS Standard Operating Procedures Manual.  Then, and only then, we get back to the fun stuff.

Andy installs the lifting brackets on the Lycoming engine being overhauled.
Many annual inspections of aircraft are scheduled during the winter months and MMS has several lined up.  Some of these are for ministry organizations and other planes we'll inspect are owned by local people.  Regardless, the experience gained by MMS apprentice mechanics doing routine inspections and the maintenance that comes with them is very valuable.
A locally owned Cessna 310 was first on the list of annual inspections this year.

Restoration of a Cessna 206 for MAF enters an exciting phase this month.  Repair is complete and assembly of the airframe components is underway.  This airplane has been assigned to MAF's recruiter in our area and last week John dropped by to see how work on the 206 is progressing.
John, on the right, talks with MMS staff, Josh Adelsberger, about the plane.


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