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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Just Plane Busy

Today, MMS Aviation mechanics work on airplanes of five different missionary/ministry organizations.  It's a balmy 61° in Coshocton, a brief break from more typical January temperatures.  Last Friday we were reminded again that it is winter in central Ohio.

In the hangars we're quite comfortable, so here is a quick tour of the aircraft maintenance being performed.

After its test run following overhaul, the engine for the LAMP Piper Lance was placed back on the plane by Josh and Andy.  Terry finished the installation, attaching hoses, wiring, engine controls, etc.

An annual inspection of this Cirrus SR22 nears completion.  A large church in the Chicago area uses this plane in support of its ministry.  Jake and Ben have assisted Mike with this project.

Dale shows Andy the plan for modifying this Cessna 206 horizontal stabilizer.  Today, they removed the aluminum skins and began repair of the internal structure.

Earlier this week, Dale and Andy took the "tail feathers" off of the MAG Cessna 206.  Behind Andy, through the door in hangar B, is the MAF 206 that is being re-assembled after its restoration.

Wings were put back on the MAF 206 a week ago.  Chuck and Phil continue the assembly and rigging of all the flight controls as well as fitting a new cargo pod on the fuselage.

Geoff measures the crankcase of a Lycoming engine for a Cessna Cardinal used by a ministry in Wisconsin.  Geoff works under the supervision of Josh on this engine overhaul.

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