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Monday, January 26, 2015

Marty gets prayer

Early last week we had "Marty" the Angel serial #002 fly back to the hangar for it's final paper work sign off with the FAA. The Angel needed to obtain it's export certificate of air worthiness. After the  FAA inspectors for our region made their plans to make their visit and inspect the Angel (Marty), everything was looked at from the physical plane to the mountain of accumulated necessary paper work. After two days of inspecting the certificate was obtained and "Marty" was ready for the open skies once again and  one step closer to it's home in Bolivia where SAMair will put "Marty" to work.

One of the privileges that we have is to surround the pilot and the plane and send it off with prayer. We are blessed to get to do this on a regular basis. Greg and "Marty" were lifted up and sent on their way. I have attached some pictures of the occasion below.

Praying for Greg , SAMair and for the work they will be doing

Need I say more

Greg makes his final inspection before flight
One final fly by as Greg and "Marty" fade into the sky

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