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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cessna 206 Disassembly Time-Lapse Video

It's not unusual for aircraft in remote locations to be disassembled and then sent to us in shipping a container for restoration and repair. Such was the case of the Cessna 206 recently completed for MAF. And, once the restoration and repair was completed, the aircraft needed to be disassembled and "containerized" for the trip back to Africa.

What was unusual about the process is that one of our apprentices, Paul Jones, chronicled the entire restoration in a slide show and featured the disassembly and packing of the 206 as a time-lapse video. The video opens with pictures of the aircraft damaged in Africa, moves through its arrival and restoration at MMS, and finishes with the time-lapse portion of "crating" the 206 for its return trip. We hope you enjoy the feature. Special thanks to Hugh and Norma who came down to oversee the containerization.

MAF Chad 206 Dissasembly from Paul Jones on Vimeo.


Local Brit said...

Paul never ceases to amaze me with his video creations! Well done indeed! I hope this travels far and shows just how much missionary aviation can benefit by working with MMS.

Shawn and Donna said...

Well done! We want to see more!

Kelly said...

That's great. the plane looks amazing. and good job on the video paul. :)