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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Much Has Been Accomplished

Thanks for your patience in waiting for a fresh post from our hangar. Much has been accomplished over the past week and two days!

  • annual inspection and repairs on the Aztec used by "The Pfiefers."
  • annual inspection of a regional Cherokee 140.
  • annual inspection of a regional Cessna 150.
  • troubleshooting and repairs on Gospel Carrier International's Cessna 172
  • annual inspection on a Cessna 172 used by MMS Aviation

Work currently underway:
  • Focus Aviation, Cessna 206: annual inspection
  • Moody Aviation 182: restoration and repair
  • Honduran 206: restoration and repair
  • Regional RV8: condition inspection
  • Christian Missions in Many Lands, Cessna 206: engine overhaul
Three other major missionary aircraft projects are either on their way or are already here waiting for a space in the production schedule. It's an exciting time to be involved in mission aviation.

Thanks for your interest, your prayers, and your gifts which make it possible for MMS to serve the worldwide mission community.

Here are a couple snapshots taken today...

Ian and Gertjan make final preparation before
shooting the blue color coat on the Moody 182.

Andy develops his welding skills as part of Basic Training.

Scott assists with the annual inspection of the Focus Aviation 206.

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mom said...

Great to see the posts, again!