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Friday, February 13, 2009

High Winds and No Power

Wednesday night a cold front blew across Ohio knocking out power to hundreds of thousands of people throughout Kentucky and central Ohio. Coshocton County wasn't spared though the damage wasn't as severe locally as it was in other areas. However, power was lost in a good portion of the county to include the Coshocton County Airport and MMS Aviation. Consequently, we didn't report to the mission Thursday morning but did come in during the afternoon when partial power was restored.

Today the power was back to normal as were hangar operations.

Scott checks the flap angle on the Cherokee as part of its annual inspection.

But not all work done was on airplanes. Dave, our facilities manager and safety officer, among other duties and tasks, has been making repairs and modifications to the large, steel sliding doors on the front of Hangar A. Taking care of our facility, grounds, and equipment is a full-time job and more, for Dave. We're blessed that the Lord called him to MMS nearly three years ago to take on this new role for the mission. Every hour he puts in is an hour our mechanics can keep working without interruption.

Dave repairs the sliding doors on Hangar A.

Yes it takes mechanics to keep airplanes flying but it also takes a maintenance man like Dave to keep the hangars safe for both the mechanics and the airplanes.

Just as a note: I'll be on vacation next week so there may not be another posting until February 23rd. Stay tuned!

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