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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

MMS Field Report #1: Monday at Oshkosh

While Monday started bright and clear in Oshkosh, an afternoon thundershower did move through the area creating some challenges for schedules, activities, and transportation. The report from our team is that everyone is doing well and is fully involved.

IAMA Tent & MMS Display
The majority of the mission-related displays are going to be featured in the tent sponsored by the International Association of Missionary Aviation (IAMA).

IAMA tent before display set-up.

Here's our display inside the IAMA tent.

Cessna 185 Restoration Reunion
Several years ago, MMS finished a complete restoration of a crash-damaged Cessna 185 for missionary use in Canada. The airplane came with amphibious floats which also needed to be repaired and restored. It was a long, labor-intensive, yet rewarding project that has allowed Edgar Schreiber, the missionary pilot, to effectively meet ministry needs throughout the region surrounding Lake Winnipeg.

Edgar flew the plane down to AirVenture with his wife, Gisella, and friend, Karl.

Edgar's, MMS restored, Cessna 185

Edgar, Gisella, and Karl at their display tent at the seaplane base.

Zambian Reunion
Another reunion took place as well. Two years ago, Tim and Scott G. traveled to Zambia, Africa to assist Jacques, a missionary pilot, make repairs to Cessna 206 he operated in Congo. They formed a great working relationship and weren't sure they'd ever have the privilege to meet up with Jacques again in this life. But who did Tim and Scott bump into Monday in the IAMA tent? That's right, Jacques!

Scott, Jacques, and Tim.

Behind The Scenes with MASA
Michele is busy working behind the scenes as part of the Missionary Aviation Support Association's (MASA) effort to handle the logistics required by caring for the 400 or so missionaries who've traveled to Oshkosh for the event. Michele helped with registration and is responsible for helping make sure that all the missionares are fed. I believe she helped oversee more than 1000 meals on Monday in the MASA tent.

Michele organizes registration materials.

Stay tuned and check back often for additional AirVenture updates and field reports!

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