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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

MMS Field Report #3: Wednesday At Oshkosh

The excitement of Oshkosh continued Tuesday under beautiful weather and building attendance. The guys and gals of MMS' Team Oshkosh are putting in 12-15 hour long days just keeping pace with speaking requirements, event commitments, sharing with the public, and developing new opportunities for for MMS to minister within the mission community.

There's good crowd flow through the IAMA tent (where our table top display is located) and events in the Fly-4-Life tent (featuring mission, medical, and humanitarian aviation), up on Shell Square, are going well.

Here's Robert and Dave during their shift at the MMS display table.

Some of the crowd in the IAMA (International Association of Missionary Aviation) tent.

Another airplane at the event with a direct connection to MMS is this DC 3 which Ian had flown as a special assignment a couple years ago.

There are more posts to follow. Stay tuned!

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