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Thursday, July 16, 2009

MMS Benefits from Mission Aviation

It's interesting as an organization that directly supports mission aviation so that others may benefit from it, we very seldom directly benefit from mission aviation. However last week was one of those times.

Plans had been made for Dennis, our Chief Inspector; Mary, our Director of Office Administration; and Tim, our Production Manager; to meet with their counterparts at JAARS in Waxhaw, North Carolina. The meeting would take one full day. Driving to and from Waxhaw would add two full days to the trip.

As mission schedules were being adjusted to absorb Dennis, Mary, and Tim's three day absence from our hangar, and as driving plans were being made, the thought occurred to check and see if Gospel Carrier International (GCI) would be able to support this effort with one of their aircraft.

GCI was contacted and they quickly made their Cessna 310 available for the flight. Willams Chang, GCI's president and pilot, flew in the night before and the team departed early the next morning with the landing gear coming up as the sun was rising. They returned just before the sun began to set.

Willams Chang, Dennis, Mary, and Tim on the MMS ramp with GCI's 310.

Ready to pull away from MMS.

Taxing to the runway.

Williams, Dennis, Mary, and Tim depart for Waxhaw, North Carolina.

What a blessing! Because of the airplane, a three day trip turned into a one day trip, 20 hours of driving turned into 4 hours of flying, important meetings were held, and disruption of hangar operations was limited to only one work day.

This is the kind of thing that is happening all over the world as you read this blog. In some instances a twenty minute flight can save nearly two weeks of hard, dangerous travel on both land and water.

As a ministry serving the ministries that do the flying which serve the missionaries who'd otherwise be doing the walking, hiking, running, climbing, and paddling, we're greatly aware of the benefits of safe air transportation. We spend our days dedicated to preparing the people and the airplanes which will ensure this type of service for many more years to come. It's just nice to enjoy to fruit of our labor now and then.

Thank you for your gifts and prayers that enable each of us at MMS to serve the Kingdom in such a unique way.

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