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Thursday, July 30, 2009

MMS Field Report #4: Thursday At Oshkosh, Cessna 185

As mentioned in Field Report #1, the amphibious Cessna 185 that MMS restored for ministry in Canada is participating in this year's AirVenture.

The airplane's previous owner had the misfortune of landing the airplane, on water, with the landing gear extended from the floats causing the airplane to flip and incur severe damage. Edgar, the missionary who purchased the airplane as scrap, heard about MMS Aviation and asked if we could help him restore and repair the airplane for missionary use in Canada. We said we could and shortly after that Edgar towed the damaged and disassembled airplane up from Texas to our hangar facility in Coshocton, Ohio.

Edgar and the Cessna 185 arrive at MMS.

The airplane undergoing restoration and repair at MMS.

After restoration in Ohio and missionary service in Canada, here's the 185 moored at the AirVenture seaplane base.

Edgar and friends getting ready to fly.

The seaplane base viewed from the air.

Missionary airplanes, like missionary pilots and mechanics, come in all shapes and sizes. Some are better suited for one type of work than another, some better suited for one environment than another, and each having different capabilities by design or God's gifting as best meets the mission need.

Thanks for following MMS Team Oshkosh. There's more to come.

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