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Friday, August 21, 2009

The Moody 182 Flew Today!

The most exciting part of any long-term aircraft restoration project is the moment when it returns to the sky!

That happened today, around 11 AM this morning, as the Moody 182, after two years of restoration, returned to the skies over Coshocton County. Here are some photos that tell the tale!

Here's the airplane as it arrived at MMS back in early 2007 after suffering a hard landing, nose gear collapse, and propeller strike.

The guys gather to pray over the airplane before its first flight.

Jim Conrad, Moody Aviation Flight Staff and Ian Hengst, MMS Team Leader and Chief Pilot, before taking off were the pilots.

Jim pre-flights the 182.
It looks a little better than when it arrived, eh?

Part of the crew that worked on the 182 waits and watches: Gertjan (now serving with MAF), Andy, Mike the 182's Project Manager, Josh, and Scott G.

The 182 takes off!

Gear coming up...

Gear up and the hammer down.

After about an hour and a half flight, Ian and Jim returned to the hangar and reported the airplane flew beautifully. The 182 will be with us for another week or so as the final squawks are worked off, for additional flights to be made, for instrument certification, and to locate any discrepancies that may be revealed through increased operation. Following that, Jim will fly the airplane back to Moody Aviation in Spokane, Washington where it will be used to train future missionary pilots for field service.

Thanks for being part of this project through your gifts, encouragements, and prayers.

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